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VisiCut moved!!!


from today on, this page will not be updated anymore. Our new page is at:

VisiCut gets a Windows Installer


I just played around with nsis and the outcome is a Windows-Installer for VisiCut (see Downloads).
This installer installs VisiCut, it’s Inkscape-Extension, adds VisiCut to the PATH-Variable and also contains an Uninstaller which reverses all those operations.

If you are a Windows user, please try if it works correctly and if you are able to use VisiCut from Inkscape without further modification (Extensions->Lasercut Path->Open with VisiCut).


VisiCut 1.3.5 is out

This relase contains many bugfixes and some improvements and an UNTESTED driver for the Lasersaur. I will add the changelog as soon as I have more time. Since I have no Lasersaur, I could not test the Code yet, so IT IS DANGEROUS TO USE ON A REAL LASERSAUR DEVICE.

LibLaserCut is now a Git-Submodule and NetBeans Subproject


in the last commit, I added LibLaserCut as a Git-Submodule in the lib/ folder of the VisiCut project. It contains a complete NetBeansProject (, whose build-scripts are also executed, when building VisiCut.
This makes maintenance and sync of both projects much easier and also, you always have the source of all Laser-relevant java files.

If you update now, the folder will be empty, because Submodules are not initialized by default. The easiest way is to just delete your local copy of VisiCut’s source and clone it again with the ‘–recursive’ command:

git clone --recursive


Automatic Build System: Get always the latest Git-Version


I just wrote some scripts which check github every 30 Minutes and build all packages if there was a new commit. From now on, you can get the bleeding edge version here: .

Please check if the packages work and if the version number is shown correctly.

“BadPacketException”-Error on the LAOS-Driver identified


I think many of you got the “BadPacketException – Datagram length too short” when using the LAOS-Driver in the past. The problem was “spaces in the filename”. You can set a prefix for lasercutter-jobs in the preferences of the lasercutter, which defaults to “visicut “. This leads to filenames like “visicut 2.lgc” in the LAOS driver, which causes the error.
To fix this, either upgrade to 1.3.4, which automatically removes spaces in the resulting filename, or just change the prefix to something without spaces.


VisiCut 1.3.4 released


I just upladed the new Binaries for VisiCut 1.3.4. Please upgrade. It includes many Bugfixes, some UI-Improvements and Support for our new Inkscape Plugin.

For the Plugin you have to copy all files from this folder: to your Inkscape Extensions folder:

On MacOS and Linux: “~/.config/inkscape/extensions/”
On Windows: “C:\Program Files\Inkscape\extensions”

Then there should be the Menu “Extensions->Lasercut Path->Open with VisiCut”. You have to open VisiCut first or add the VisiCut binary to you path, for this to work.

Please make use of the Issue Tracker


I want to encourage you to use VisiCut’s Issue tracker . I know it requires a github account, but the UI is very straitforward and I can keep track of all wishes and bugs.

PS: The description and Demonstration of our new camera setup will follow as soon as I got some minutes to write.

VisiCut 1.3.2 – Small Bugfix Release – Thanks to FabLab München

Today’s release of VisiCut 1.3.2 just removes a bug, which causes VisiCut to loose changes made to a table (Edit LaserCutter, Edit Material) when not pressed return before pressing the save button. This should be working now.


Thanks to FabLab München for their good documented test on VisiCut 1.3.1

VisiCut 1.3.1 released


finally I had time to release the 1.3.1 Version of VisiCut. There are many improvements which were also included in the recent beta versions, but I think now it is time to make them public.

For more information see the ChangeLog or even better: Try it yourself.

Download it here.

Have fun