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Camera script works on Mac OS X

October 27, 2011

After many unsuccessful tests I finally got our Canon camera working on Mac OS X with our gphoto2server script.
You need to install the most current version of gphoto2, libgphoto2 and netcat through macports (also imagemagick if you need to rotate the image).
After the camera is connected, you need to kill the PTPCamera daemon, because it claibs the usb port.
You can see if your camera is detected with “gphoto2 –auto-detect” and take a picture with “gphoto2 –capture-image-and-download”.

If these commands work, the tools/gphoto2server/ should turn your camera into an IP cam, which is reachable at http://localhost:8088/anyname.jpg and can be directly used with VisiCut. This should work with all recent Canon, Nikon etc. Cameras.

Make sure you use the latest version of the above mentioned packages and set your Camera to create JPEGS instead of RAW images.

The updated script will be in github next week.


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