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VisiCut Version 1.2.4 released

October 27, 2011

I proudly announce, that I uploaded the binaries (Mac OS, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, ZIP (e.g. for Windows)) of the brand new VisiCut 1.2.4.

This version includes many bugfixes. The most important ones are listed below.

  • EpilogDriver: In rastermode there was a problem with the bit order, which lead to ugly edges. This bug is now resolved and you get sharp rastered images.
  • Rendering: Sometimes the rendering process did not work, so you got stuck with “please wait…
  • Dithering: I tried to improve the speed of the dithering to make the annoying “please wait…” boxes show as short as possible. I also added a progress indicator so the user can see that the system is still dithering
  • UI: Custom mapping: There were problems with rendering custom mappings and with selecting/unselecting elements of the list. Now if you select a list item, you can not change the material, lasercutter or mapping mode until you click somewhere on the preview panel to deselect the entry again.
  • UI: In version 1.2.3, the preview panel did not resize correctly with the window, this bug should be resolved.
  • LaosDriver: A primitive rastermode implemented above the vector mode. Also the stepwidth of the stepper motors can be configured so the scaling can be adapted to every maching.

Get VisiCut 1.2.4 right now from the Download Section and have fun with it.



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