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VisiCut 1.3 almost finished

December 20, 2011


I’ve been busy the last few days and the result will be the soon available VisiCut 1.3.
I have to run some test before the official release, but if you can’t wait, build it from the git-repository.

If you can’t wait and do not want to compile, I created some binaries here: VisiCut 1.3 Pre Binaries.

New features (full list will be available on release)

  • Shortcut: You can edit your profile (Power,Speed etc) before Executing a job and keep or discard the new values after you checked the result
  • Resolution: You can select between all resolutions your Lasercutter supports
  • Command Line Interface: Try visicut -h for the all new headless/precofigureable VisiCut
  • Settings: Last selected Laserdevice, Materialprofile and Resolution get saved automatically
  • Mac OS: Many usability improvements, e.g. Keybindings, native file dialogs, menus etc
  • File handling: All links in xml-files are now relative. This means you can run VisiCut from stick on several platforms
  • Upcoming: Check out the new VisiCut Material Database which will be growing hopefully

have fun


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