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Please make use of the Issue Tracker


I want to encourage you to use VisiCut’s Issue tracker . I know it requires a github account, but the UI is very straitforward and I can keep track of all wishes and bugs.

PS: The description and Demonstration of our new camera setup will follow as soon as I got some minutes to write.


VisiCut 1.3.2 – Small Bugfix Release – Thanks to FabLab München

Today’s release of VisiCut 1.3.2 just removes a bug, which causes VisiCut to loose changes made to a table (Edit LaserCutter, Edit Material) when not pressed return before pressing the save button. This should be working now.


Thanks to FabLab München for their good documented test on VisiCut 1.3.1

VisiCut 1.3.1 released


finally I had time to release the 1.3.1 Version of VisiCut. There are many improvements which were also included in the recent beta versions, but I think now it is time to make them public.

For more information see the ChangeLog or even better: Try it yourself.

Download it here.

Have fun

VisiCut 1.3 almost finished


I’ve been busy the last few days and the result will be the soon available VisiCut 1.3.
I have to run some test before the official release, but if you can’t wait, build it from the git-repository.

If you can’t wait and do not want to compile, I created some binaries here: VisiCut 1.3 Pre Binaries.

New features (full list will be available on release)

  • Shortcut: You can edit your profile (Power,Speed etc) before Executing a job and keep or discard the new values after you checked the result
  • Resolution: You can select between all resolutions your Lasercutter supports
  • Command Line Interface: Try visicut -h for the all new headless/precofigureable VisiCut
  • Settings: Last selected Laserdevice, Materialprofile and Resolution get saved automatically
  • Mac OS: Many usability improvements, e.g. Keybindings, native file dialogs, menus etc
  • File handling: All links in xml-files are now relative. This means you can run VisiCut from stick on several platforms
  • Upcoming: Check out the new VisiCut Material Database which will be growing hopefully

have fun

SVG BoundingBox Bug fixed

In the previous versions, there were several problems, if the SVG file contained groups with transformations. Either was the BoundingBox clipped and the engraving too or it was in the wrong place.

Please test the current version (1.2.4-2) with many svg files and provide feedback (with files) if it does not work correctly.

Camera script works on Mac OS X

After many unsuccessful tests I finally got our Canon camera working on Mac OS X with our gphoto2server script.
You need to install the most current version of gphoto2, libgphoto2 and netcat through macports (also imagemagick if you need to rotate the image).
After the camera is connected, you need to kill the PTPCamera daemon, because it claibs the usb port.
You can see if your camera is detected with “gphoto2 –auto-detect” and take a picture with “gphoto2 –capture-image-and-download”.

If these commands work, the tools/gphoto2server/ should turn your camera into an IP cam, which is reachable at http://localhost:8088/anyname.jpg and can be directly used with VisiCut. This should work with all recent Canon, Nikon etc. Cameras.

Make sure you use the latest version of the above mentioned packages and set your Camera to create JPEGS instead of RAW images.

The updated script will be in github next week.

VisiCut Version 1.2.4 released

I proudly announce, that I uploaded the binaries (Mac OS, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, ZIP (e.g. for Windows)) of the brand new VisiCut 1.2.4.

This version includes many bugfixes. The most important ones are listed below.

  • EpilogDriver: In rastermode there was a problem with the bit order, which lead to ugly edges. This bug is now resolved and you get sharp rastered images.
  • Rendering: Sometimes the rendering process did not work, so you got stuck with “please wait…
  • Dithering: I tried to improve the speed of the dithering to make the annoying “please wait…” boxes show as short as possible. I also added a progress indicator so the user can see that the system is still dithering
  • UI: Custom mapping: There were problems with rendering custom mappings and with selecting/unselecting elements of the list. Now if you select a list item, you can not change the material, lasercutter or mapping mode until you click somewhere on the preview panel to deselect the entry again.
  • UI: In version 1.2.3, the preview panel did not resize correctly with the window, this bug should be resolved.
  • LaosDriver: A primitive rastermode implemented above the vector mode. Also the stepwidth of the stepper motors can be configured so the scaling can be adapted to every maching.

Get VisiCut 1.2.4 right now from the Download Section and have fun with it.